• Jen Hadley

The Snowy Nap

Friends if you've read any of Jan Brett's stories you know you MUST add this to your library. Her illustrations make me want to look just a little bit longer. Anytime I can find a used book of Jan Brett's I'm IN! Think of all of the families who have been blessed by her wonderful words and illustrations.

Here are some ideas for activities to do with your children with this story.

1. Investigate which animals hibernate? How long do they hibernate? Where does a hedgehog hibernate?

2. Take a walk and see if you can spot any of the animals from the story in your neighborhood. 3. Choose any two animals from the story and compare how they are similar or different with a Venn diagram.

4. Make a weather graph for 30 days. Is it getting warmer? Colder? Is there more rain or snow this month than last month?

5. Get outside and play in the snow! Do remember to have hot chocolate ready when you come in! It's always nice to have something warm to come in and enjoy!

Thank you so much for joining me for Story Time with Jen! I absolutely love sharing great books! If you decide to use any of these ideas, take a picture and share by tagging me #storytimewithjen! As always, if you have a favorite book - get in touch either here or on Instagram at konen.Jennyhadley

Much love Jen xx


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