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The Seven Silly Eaters

First of all I want to thank Jessie for suggesting this book! I love a good recommendation!

This story is so fanciful and would be difficult to actually do ALL things EVERY DAY, but to do these things with your child on any given day...EXCITING!

1. Try making any of these things from scratch! Does it work? Is the oatmeal better without the lumps? Does it matter? Can you actually make the cake they create at the end? (This may be more of a science experiment vs baking experiment).

2. Make a list of all of the things listen they chose to eat. Ask neighbors, friends, family which they prefer. Make a graph of your findings.

3. Do a taste test with anything from the book like applesauce - store bought vs homemade.

Remember, it's NEVER if the activity is "successful" it's the time shared in doing it together! If you are brave enough to try any of these things, I'd love to see a picture! Send me an email to or tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #storytimewithjen. What will you and your child do to experience this book more?

Again, thank you Jessie for introducing me to this book! I hope you and your family enjoy it and are able to listen to it over and over! Until next time...thank you and cheers!

Jen xoxo

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