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  • Jen Hadley

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked

This book is so beautiful and has the cadence of The Woman Who Swallowed a Fly. So much fun! There are so many lesson ideas that would enhance this book and I'll list those below. I've got to be honest, the BEST one is simply making and eating an apple pie! Whether it is a family recipe or something you find on Pinterest...enjoy the process and bake a pie to enjoy!

Learn about clouds, especially the fluffy ones referenced in this story

Get out in nature and pick apples or go to a grocery story - count and taste a variety of apples from the sweet to the sour. Find your favorite!

Nature journal an apple tree with or without apples - it is equally as beautiful!

Watch and journal weather cycles - how does it change for each season? How does it help the apples?

Investigate seasons. When do things you plant grow and get harvested? Apples in the fall, yes but when do other fruits or vegetables get harvested?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...bake an apple pie! Enjoy the texture of the apple without the skin, the smell of cinnamon, and the flour between your fingers - all the while making memories with the MOST important people!

I hope these ideas spark some fun for you and your family. If you do any of the activities, I'd love to have you share pictures!

Thanks for listening and here's to a fabulous fall!

Cheers and blessings

Jen xx

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