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Sharing the Bread an Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Story

Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you are looking forward to sharing a wonderful meal and time with friends and family alike this week. This book simply takes me back to a simpler time and place and I'm not mad about it! If you know me at all, you know I have the heart for the 1940-50's. I love the simplicity of the time period. I mean...look at these pictures! Gorgeous - I am left wanting to look at them a little longer than necessary. For me...that's the BIGGEST compliment you can give an illustrator.

Here are some activities extensions you can do with your child(ren) after you listen to the story.

- List or talk about traditions you have in your family. Who started the tradition? Will you continue to do the tradition?

- What things did you have or will you have at Thanksgiving that are the same as in the story?

- Make real cranberry sauce - Use one cup sugar with one cup water - boil until the sugar is all dissolved. Place 12 oz cleaned cranberries in the mixture and cook on low until the the berries begin to crack and the water has a thicker consistency. Take off the heat, add some orange zest if you like, put it in the fridge and let cool. Voila - you have homemade cranberry sauce!

- Make some pilgrim hats for you to wear or to use as place mats - all you need is construction paper and glue.

- Talk about all of the things BIG and SMALL you are thankful. It's such a great way to prepare yourself for the coming holidays and enjoying time with family and friends.

I am truly grateful for YOU! Thank you for listening to stories I share. Giving the gifts of excellent books is such a joy for me and I am grateful you join me to listen! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy all the blessings you have!

Peace and blessings to you and your family!

Jen xx

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