• Jen Hadley

Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Oh my goodness this book!!! If you have listened to me on Instagram at ALL, you know my passion for reading - reading by yourself, reading aloud to your children, or listening to others read...ALL of it warms my heart. Nothing that is better than beginning a story just to fall in love with a character and then see how he/she navigates life within the said amount of pages. Whether it is a chapter book or a picture book, there are characters full of promise, hurt, fear, and brokenness, but if we follow along, perhaps some will come out the other side better for all of the trails.

Madeline was so scared to read - which by the way is so common for kids - especially reading aloud with others who can do it so eloquently. After fearing she would NEVER be able to read, she was entrusted to read with the Library Dog...YES you have to listen to this story to hear the ending, but it is SO worth it!

I hope you enjoy Madeline and her reading experience. She's one lovely little girl, who I learned to love within two pages of the book.

Thanks for joining me! Cheers!

xx Jen


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