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  • Jen Hadley

Let's Go For a Drive

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The voices were so much fun! First of all...ANYTHING from Mo Willems is a pleasure - it is so simple but there's so much intricacy in his drawings that I can ALWAYS find ways to tweak the voices within each story.

The elephant's truck for me was key - I've got to think to keep it free from build up would be it had to be a bit stuffy. His eyes are so expressive that it allows for a variation of how the voice will be delivered. I mean, don't we all have the friend who is more of a type A, planner person. If you don't...maybe its YOU! (I know it's me for sure!)

The piggy is ALL about being supportive, creative, and the an all around GREAT friend. She has to have a sweet, innocent voice of determination and sometimes...reason.

Love this book and Mo Willems! Most of all...I LOVE the girl I dedicated it to! Mweni - you're the BEST!

Cheers xx

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