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  • Jen Hadley

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This book absolutely CRACKS me up! This book as a whole is wonderful! The pictures are so beautifully colored and I LOVE the use of white space. Now...let's get to story. EVERY SINGLE PARENT knows this scenario if they've parented longer than 2 days. It always starts with something small and then, one more thing, and one more thing. I think that's why this book is so resonates so well with parents. I mean let's be honest as a parent, couldn't we ALL write a rendition of if you give a child a ...Here's your challenge, write your story here or anywhere about a scenario you've had about giving your child a ...and then...and then... I mean this could be AMAZING!

Thanks again for joining me for StoryTimeWithJen - join me next week! Cheers xx

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