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I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

Oh my fun is this book! I mean, I'm sorry you have to listen to me sing, but this is just TOO FUN! If you listen a few times, maybe you can join in on the fun! Predictable text lend itself to "readers" because he/she is able to "read" the story to you...and yes - memorization IS reading in the beginning of learning to read. Someone learning to read is also "reading" the pictures. Either way friends...enjoy this time with your kiddos! It encourages reading and creates so much self confidence in a new reader!

Here are some activities that may be fun to experience after you read this story

- Go to a parade or watch one on TV. See what kind of floats or inflatables you see. You could even make a bar graph of how many you see of each and compare!

- Write a poem following the pattern in this book - I bet you and your kiddos could come up with something HILARIOUS! Have fun! There are no rules! You can make it as nonsensical or silly as you want!

- Compare the food you have on Thanksgiving with what the Old Woman ate - what's the same? What's different? You could even do a Venn Diagram for this (you can look up what this is if you aren't sure - it's two circles that overlap in the middle. The middle is the similarities and the part that doesn't overlap shows each side's differences. Like I said...Look it up! The picture will make it so much easier! )

- As always...bake something you see in the book. A pie, a cake, rolls, make a salad...the possibilities are endless! Whatever you do, turn on some music...and enjoy your littles or not so littles. Doing life together is what's PRICELESS!

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the story and subscribe here or on my YouTube Channel. Of course, if you do one of the activities, please post it with #StoryTimeWithJen.


Jen xx

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