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  • Jen Hadley

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

I first heard about this book from Sarah Mackenzie of Read Aloud Revival. If you don't follow her on Instagram or NEED to! She always has a ton of book ideas. So now about THIS book! This book is wonderfully illustrated and has a lot of GREAT ideas for quality lesson plans.

Here are some ideas that can be used for younger or older students, depending on what your age level is.

1. Baking and math skills - Make an apple pie - a recipe is in the back. OR ask a family member or friend for their favorite recipe, maybe just hit up Pinterest. Whatever you decide, you will be making memories! Fractions are very important when baking - it's a great time to do some sneaky learning and some yummy eating.

2. Geography - Research any of the ingredients and the geographical locations suggested in the book.

3. Map skills - Create a route based on the book using a world map and create a key to follow the route, key points, etc.

4. Science - discuss different modes of transportation, can you remove salt from water?

5. Field trip - visit a local farm and pet the animals - milk a cow, get some fresh chicken eggs, grind wheat.

6. Art - research and draw about an animal or place in the book - use pastel, water colors, color crayons...whatever brings you JOY!

These are just a few ideas of lesson plans you could use for this book. I hope you enjoy the story and any lessons you decide to use!

Cheers and thanks for listening!

xx Jen

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