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Dear Mrs. LaRue Letters from Obedience School

Thank you for listening to StoryTime with Jen! Let me begin by saying this story makes me laugh every time I read it!! Ike cracks me up with his perception of the world. While I have used this book in past years with students, I think it does give a very good introduction to perspective even for younger students. For instance, how you perceive or see something really can make or break your experience.

Here are some ideas for you to share with your child(ren) to further enhance the story of Mrs. LaRue.

1. Listen to the story all the way through, then go back to one page in particular - How did Ike "stretch" the truth? Was his version at all correct in your opinion?

2. Have your child write a story like this with "reality" vs "imagination". Encourage colorful images and descriptive words.

3. Try to "see" the story from Ike's side and then re-listen to the story from Mrs. LaRue's perspective. How do you feel about each?

4. Share time with your child drawing a picture and then create a story from the picture - get creative - write two paragraphs - each one having a different perspective of the scenario.

5. Read a local listing on a house - read it from a potential buyer's perspective and then read it from a burglar's perspective. How does it change your view of the house? Is it your dream house or too secluded? Perspective is a funny thing and it can really create a lot of GREAT conversations!

Whatever you decide to do to embellish this book, I'd love hear about it! Thank you again for joining me for StoryTimewithJen!

Cheers and here's to books!

Jen xx

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