Story Time with Jen 


The Seven Silly Eaters

First of all I want to thank Jessie for suggesting this book! I love a good recommendation! This story is so fanciful and would be difficult to actually do ALL things EVERY DAY, but to do these things with your child on any given day...EXCITING! 1. Try making any of these things from scratch! Does it work? Is the oatmeal better without the lumps? Does it matter? Can you actually make the cake they create at the end? (This may be more of a science experiment vs baking experime

Earl the Squirrel

First of all...I think I said Dan Freeman TWO times! There's nothing worse than getting a name wrong so let me apologize and say his name is DON, Don Freeman!Sheesh - now that we got THAT out of the way... Thank you for joining me for the FIRST BOOK of 2020! I mean how can you go wrong with any book written by DON Freeman - he also wrote Corduroy - another wonderful story! Here are some ideas I threw together you could do with your kids after listening to this story. 1. Go tr

Snowmen at Christmas

Snowmen at Christmas is one of the most beautiful books out there! The colors and finding the hidden pictures are my absolute favorite! Here are some activities that you can do after you listen to this story. If you forget parts of the story - feel free to watch and rewatch as many times as you'd like - it's free! ;-) 1. I don't necessarily recommend purchasing ALL books - although, I often do because I am a book LOVER. However, this book is one to purchase and look at over a

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

Oh my fun is this book! I mean, I'm sorry you have to listen to me sing, but this is just TOO FUN! If you listen a few times, maybe you can join in on the fun! Predictable text lend itself to "readers" because he/she is able to "read" the story to you...and yes - memorization IS reading in the beginning of learning to read. Someone learning to read is also "reading" the pictures. Either way friends...enjoy this time with your kiddos! It encourages reading and creat

The Snowy Nap

Friends if you've read any of Jan Brett's stories you know you MUST add this to your library. Her illustrations make me want to look just a little bit longer. Anytime I can find a used book of Jan Brett's I'm IN! Think of all of the families who have been blessed by her wonderful words and illustrations. Here are some ideas for activities to do with your children with this story. 1. Investigate which animals hibernate? How long do they hibernate? Where does a hedgehog hiberna

The Gruffalo

#new #storytimewithJen #charactervoices #audiobook #animatedvoices Welcome back! Thanks for joining me for the second installment of Story Time with Jen. This week has been CRAZY y'all! Like one for the books, BUT my "happy place" is reading and voices so this is how I come back to balance. My personality is the why behind the what...raise your hand if that's you. I bet I drove my parents NUTS always asking "Why?". Now as an adult, I like to share the what behind the