No Voice is Too Great to Create


Things to Know...

​ - There are no set rates for any one project. Unconventional - yes, but it affords me many amazing opportunities. Feel free to submit any requests.
 - Up to 5 script changes or modifications for no additional charge. After 5 edits, there is a $30 fee for every additional change.

​ - My goal is to make any project we do together fun and effortless for you! We can FaceTime for direction OR send me the script and we can work through any adjustments needed via e-mail.

 - Things to expect when we work together... 

                - Email communication to verify parameters of project, expectations,                            timelines, if I'm away from the studio, etc.

                - Upon your request a W-9 will be provided.

                - Professionalism splashed with FUN to keep you coming back!


​Behind the Voices.

    Born with a love for reading and enterta​ining, I have coupled two passions to bring any script to life. With every new opportunity comes a new character or voice - nothing is too great to create! 

     As long as I can remember, I've loved to do accents and imitate voices - women, children, and fictional. After winning a contest with a local radio station in 2003, I was given an opportunity to try my hand at on air work. Later, this talent paid off as an elementary school teacher. I created characters the children would fall in love with which translated from fiction to history. Now I am able to use it for commercials, testimonials, and reading stories aloud. I look forward to sharing my gift of voices with you!